we regret to inform you that your application has not been successful

This is just the beginning of a very long way of disappointment, day by day and e-mail by e-mail. Wow, it has been already 9 months. We always think today will be our day or we are very close vĩ đại the success and the new excitement future, but, the real life is completely different.

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How nice is waking up in the morning and kiểm tra those e-mails sent at 4am saying “unfortunately”…, followed by a couple more during the day. And well, that´s why not all the companies update your application, otherwise, it would be even funnier.

I really enjoy reading those e-mails, well actually I don’t even read them because all say basically the same using almost same words. So, I just look for Key Words for letting bu understand what’s going on and not losing my time with it.

Key Words? Let´s say rejection words or expressions, for being more realistic and honest.

-       Unfortunately

-       However

-       We regret

-       We appreciate

-       After a careful consideration

-       Due vĩ đại a large number of applicants

And tự not forget about those careless words for making you feel better.

-       We had many well-qualified candidates

-       We truly appreciate your interest in working with us

-       The final decision often comes down vĩ đại minor details

-       We were impressed with your background and experience

And the funny way of not taking it personal as:

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-       Please tự not see today’s outcome as a negative comment about your abilities or personality

-       We have decided vĩ đại move forward with those whose experience and profiles more directly align with the requirements for this role

How funny it is vĩ đại listen them how excited they are that, I am considering vĩ đại join their team. Nevertheless, my future will not go through that interest of growing and taking part of something big with them, if not, vĩ đại be thanked for my interest in working, my understanding and vĩ đại be wished every success in finding a suitable position in the near future.

I appreciate your interest and the time you invested in this article. I am carefully reviewing all comments and likes currently. Please understand that this process could take a while, I ask you for your patience and I will liên hệ you as soon as possible, but in the meanwhile, thank you:

-       for your interest in the article

-       for your lượt thích and comment

-       for investing your time and energy

-       for your patience

-       for your effort

I wish you the best of luck in your job tìm kiếm.

Kind regards,

The Job Seeker

Héctor Martínez Gándara

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