i clearly remember talking to him in a chance meeting last summer

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. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others by circling A, B, C or D. (5 pts)

1. A. action B. national C. partial D. question

2. A. tidal B. sight C. describe D. cinema

3. A. connect B. comfort C. computer D. contest

4. A. cough B. though C. rough D. tough

5. A. pleased B. erased C. increased D. amused

II. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from the others by circling A, B, C or D. (5 pts)

1. A. medical B. restaurant C. remember D. government

2. A. household B. homework C. garbage D. throughout

3. A. electrical B. interesting C. necessary D. beautifully

4. A. celebrate B. consider C. expression D. criteria

5. A. partner B. between C. visit D. program

III. Choose the best answer to tướng complete the sentences by circling A, B, C or D. (10 pts)

1. - Mary: "Is 11 o'clock alright?" - Tom: "______."

A. Yes, that's fine B. No, I don't want to tướng go

C. Wait a minute D. Sounds interesting

2. Typhoons, floods or droughts can easily ______ a harvest.

A. finish B. destroy C. provide D. defeat

3. You should pay ______ to tướng what the instruction is saying.

A. attendance B. intention C. convention D. attention

4. My friends usually enjoy my ______ of humor.

A. sense B. kind C. means D. form

5. - Mother: "Could you tự bầm a favor?" - Kate: "______."

A. No, thanks. I'm fine B. Yes, that's kind of you

C. Yes, sure D. Yes, thank you

6. Practising ______ English anywhere you can is a way to tướng better your speaking skill.

A. speak B. speaking C. to tướng speak D. for speaking

7. Soak some old newspapers in a ______ of water overnight.

A. pair B. bunch C. bucket D. tube

8. Mrs. Thanh: "______ you give the book to tướng bầm, please?" - Mai: "Of course." .

A. Will B. Shall C. Do D. Should

9. The winners are the first ones ______ a fire.

A. make B. makes C. making D. to tướng make

10. Children may drink or eat chemicals and drugs ______ they look lượt thích soft drinks and candy.

A. until B. because C. although D. ví that

IV. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition. (5 pts)

1. We should cover the burned area ________ a thick sterile dressing.

2. They fell ________ love ________ each other almost immediately and were married in a few weeks.

3. Next month I'm going to tướng Scotland ________ a short holiday.

4. Their parents are very proud ________ their results.

5. What is the difference ________ "clean up" and "clean out"?

6. We are going to tướng hold a discussion ________ recycling.

7. The boy fell ________ his xe đạp and hit his head ________ the road.

8. Santa Claus is based ________ the mô tả tìm kiếm of Saint Nicholas.

V. Fill in the blanks with the correct sườn of the words in capital letters. (10 pts)

1. In 2013, the World Water Week will be held under the theme "Water ________________-Building Partnerships". (COOPERATE)

2. ______________________, dark clouds soon appeared and it began to tướng rain. (FORTUNE)

3. Laura is the most __________________________ person in our group. (BEAUTY)

4. Many ______________________ of the older generation were there. (REPRESENT)

5. She has cut herself, and it is ____________________ quite badly. (BLOOD)

6. His health was seriously affected and he suffered from constant _____________________. (SLEEP)

7. Bao is ________________________ kind and generous to tướng everyone. (EXTREME)

8. I'm pleased to tướng hear that you had an ________________________ Christmas vacation. (ENJOY)

9. This knife is _________________________ - it can cut everything. (USE)

10. The Scouting Association is the largest _____________________ youth organization in the world. (VOLUNTEER)

VI. Put the sentences (A – J) in the correct order (1 – 10 ) to tướng make a meaningful conversation. (5 pts)

A. Goodbye.

B. Yes, can you come at ten to tướng three on Wednesday afternoon?

C. What name is it, please?

D. Yes, that's fine.

E. It's Tom Smith.

F. Yes, can I make an appointment with doctor Wall, please?

G. No, I'm sorry, I can't. What about the evening?

H. Good morning. Can I help you?

I. Thank you Mr. Smith. Goodbye.

J. Doctor Wall isn't here in the evening on Wednesday, I'm afraid. I can put you in at half past six on Thursday evening.

VII. Give the correct tense or sườn of the verbs in brackets to tướng complete the following sentences. (10 pts)

1. How many times you (be) to tướng London this year? _____________________

2. The two girls (play) chess over there are my classmates. _____________________

3. We must take an umbrella. It (rain). _____________________

4. The guests (arrive) while I (still / cook). _____________________

5. The rice-cooking festival (hold) every two years. _____________________

6. I often (climb) trees when I was a little girl. _____________________

7. Two miles (be) enough for her to tướng go jogging every morning. _____________________

8. I'm very bored. My mother always (complain) about her housework. _____________________

9. Fred would lượt thích (admit) to tướng the college. _____________________

VIII. Each of the following sentences contains one error. Underline and correct it. (5 pts)

1. We won't get to tướng the airport in least phàn nàn 30 minutes.

2. Your grandfather and I are delighting that you passed your English exam.

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3. People use first-aid in order for ease the victim's pain and anxiety.

4. We believe that she feels very badly about her mistake.

5. The big present is wrapped in red papers is five dollars.

IX. Fill in each numbered space with ONE appropriate word. (10 pts)

Youth Month 2013 launched nationwide

(1) ______ February 28th, over 1,500 young people gathered at a ceremony to tướng kick off Youth Month 2013 in the central province of Thua Thien Hue under the theme "Youth kích hoạt for an urban civilised lifestyle".

At the (2) ______, 500 youngsters volunteered to tướng (3) ______ more phàn nàn 400 units of blood to tướng the Hue Central Hospital. Hundreds of Youth Union members took part in propagation to tướng (4) ______ public awareness on environmental protection, traffic safety, and urban civilisation.

For the entire month of March, activities will (5) ______ directed to tướng motivate young people's participation in diverse activities, (6) ______ giving feedback to tướng the Draft Amendment of the 1992 Constitution, building a civilised lifestyle, protecting the environment (7) ______ urban landscape.

There will be "Green Sunday" and "Volunteering Saturday" with intensive activities to tướng (8) ______ up the surroundings, remove illegal advertising posters, eliminate Đen spots of pollution. The Youth Month was first launched in 2004 and has become (9) ______ annual sự kiện for the youth, which aims (10) ______ increase young people's responsibilities to tướng the community and the nation.

X. Read the passage below and then circle the correct answer A, B, C or D. (10 pts)

Have you ever been to tướng Britain? I've dreamed of going there (1) ______ I was a little girl and finally, (2) ______ the spring of 2012, it happened. I was there three weeks and (3) ______ much of that time soaking up the culture, history, and scenery of this incredible island. I visited several districts in England, Wales and Scotland and even (4) ______ a site trip to tướng Ireland. Every place I went to tướng seemed to tướng be more interesting and more beautiful (5) ______ the last.

The tour I was with began in London. Of all the sights I saw there, the Tower of London was the most (6) ______. The Tower is a building complex of incredibly rich history.

Also on the Thames are the Houses of Parliament and, of course, the clock tower housing "Big Ben". I saw ví many landmarks I can hardly remember them all. Although it was just a glimpse of London I did, (7) ______, get a chance to tướng see all the (8)______ famous places.

After (9) ______ of days in London we traveled to tướng the south of England stopping to tướng visit Stonehenge. If you don't know about Stonehenge there are a couple of links on my links page that will (10) ______ you to tướng sites that can fill you in.

1. A. for B. while C. since D. because

2. A. on B. in C. at D. to

3. A. spent B. took C. did D. used

4. A. did B. got C. spent D. made

5. A. then B. as C. with D. than

6. A. interesting B. interested C. interest D. interestingly

7. A. at first B. at all C. at least D. at that

8. A. more B. much C. most D. many

9. A. few B. some C. a couple D. little

10. A. reach B. take C. make D. send

XI. Read the following text then choose from the list A-F the best sentence to tướng fill each of the spaces. There is one extra sentence which you tự not need. (5 pts)

I have recently become very worried about my 15-year-old son, Nick. Although he was never brilliant at school, he used to tướng get reasonable good marks. (1) ______.

He used to tướng be such a good swimmer that he won several prizes. But now he has given up training. And instead of neat clothes he used to tướng wear, all he ever puts on is the same pair of shabby of old jeans and a dirty sweatshirt.

(2) ______. Nick was in the kitchen. The radio was ví loud that he didn't hear bầm come behind him. My handbag was on the table. (3) ______.

We had a terrible row. Finally, he broke down and confessed everything. He has been going every day to tướng a big amusement arcade near his school and playing electronics games with nick names lượt thích Space Warrior and Alien Invaders. I had always thought they were harmless. (4) ______.

He has promised he won't go there again, but I think he's too addicted to tướng stop. (5) ______. What can I tự to tướng help him?

A. But now I realize that he's ví hooked on them, he'll even steal from his own mother in order to tướng pay for the habit.

B. Even if he wanted to tướng, he couldn't - and he doesn't .

C. I often leave it there ví that I won't forget it when I go out.

D. He had taken some money out of it and was just about to tướng put it in his pocket.

E. But that isn't all. Last Sunday, I got up earlier phàn nàn usual.

F. But now his work has become ví bad that his teachers say he is just wasting his time there.

XII. Rewrite each of the following sentences ví that it means the same as the first one, beginning with the given words. (10 pts)

1. "You shouldn't lend him any more money," Mrs. Tuyet said to tướng Nga.

Mrs. Tuyet advised _____________________________________________________________.

2. Everyone was surprised to tướng see Geoff leave the buổi tiệc ngọt early.

To ___________________________________________________________________________.

3. It was ví late that nothing could be done.

It was too _____________________________________________________________________.

4. Is this the best price you can offer?

Can't you _____________________________________________________________________?

5. I don't go to tướng church every Sunday any longer.

I used to tướng ______________________________________________________________________.

6. I sent my friend a letter in London last week.

A letter _______________________________________________________________________.

7. I last saw him when I was a student.

I haven't ______________________________________________________________________.

8. "Don't forget to tướng bring your passports with you when you go abroad."

She reminded __________________________________________________________________.

9. Smoking is not allowed in the ward.

Would you ____________________________________________________________________?

10. He failed the exam because of his laziness.

Because he____________________________________________________________________.

XIII. Use the given word to tướng write the second sentence in such a way that it is as similar as possible in meaning to tướng the original sentence. Do not change the sườn of the given word. (5 pts)

1. I wanted to tướng finish my homework, ví I stayed up late last night. (as)

I stayed _______________________________________________________________________.

2. The thick fog prevented bầm from driving to tướng work. (made)

The thick fog __________________________________________________________________.

3. Nick hasn't been to tướng Vietnam before. (time)

This is ________________________________________________________________________.

4. Mr. Lam teaches English. Mr. Hai teaches Math. (subject)

Mr. Lam doesn't ______________________________________________________________.

5. I'd rather not see him tomorrow. (want)

I ___________________________________________________________________________.

XIV. Use the given suggestions to tướng complete sentences. (5 pts)

1. Instead / reuse / plastic bags / we / use / cloth bags.


2. Will / you / have / look / house / bầm / while / I / be / holiday?


3. We / hope / give / more / green / color / town / and / earn / money / group.


4. "Friends of the Earth" / be / organization / protect / planet.


5. It / brave / him / jump / river / save / child.


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